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July 2015

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Comics and the Law

July 28, 2015

I came across the Illustrated Guide to Law via a recent article titled, “Comics and the Law” posted on In Custodia Legis. The guides are a fascinating and effective approach to teaching and learning American legal concepts. Criminal law and criminal procedure are currently covered, however additional guides appear to be on their way: torts, property, contracts & constitutional.

Like most librarians, I appreciate a good flow chart, and the Fifth Amendment Flowchart is a beautiful thing. Which guide is your favorite?

The Curse of Loose­-Leaf Law Books

July 22, 2015

” … there is no future for loose-leaf publications, a publishing format on life support that should have died a natural death years ago.”

Read Louis Mirando’s full post on Slaw.

What decisions has your library taken regarding loose-leaf subscriptions?

Lexbox: Open Beta

July 17, 2015

Some of you may have received notice this week that Lexum’s latest project, Lexbox is now in open beta mode. Before jumping right in, Nate Russell has posted an excellent article, Of Lexbox and the Promise of Convenience for CanLII Users to guide us in how it works, useful features and discussion of client folders in the cloud. Will you be using Lexbox?

A History of the Future of Law Libraries

July 15, 2015

An interesting article by Scott Frey on “lessons in forecasting from law librarians’ predictions of the past” is in the current issue of AALL Spectrum. The section on “Function Over Form in the Future” is particularly insightful. What are your thoughts?

Job Posting: Law Librarian

July 14, 2015

The Bennett Jones LLP Calgary office has an immediate opening for a Law Librarian (14-month contract)

For details, please click here.

Libraries & Librarians: New Brand?

July 10, 2015

This was posted today on the CALL listserv:

If the word “library” is not in your title, what are you called? I noticed that AALL’s Private Law Libraries SIG just changed their name to Private Law Librarians and Information Professionals, and wondered if changing my own title to something like “Information Professional”, and the “library” to “Resource Centre”, would help my lawyers see me as more than books.

If you’re not called “librarian”, and your space is not called the “library”, can you tell me?

Karen Sawatzky
Tapper Cuddy LLP

Fair EBook Prices for Libraries

July 9, 2015

A coalition of public libraries is working toward bringing awareness around the EBook price gap between consumers and libraries. From their website:


  • In some cases, major multinational publishers charge libraries 3–5 times more for ebooks than they charge consumers.
  • There are caps and time limits on ebook use.
  • This means there are fewer titles and fewer copies for readers to discover.

Interested in learning more? Visit


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