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The Honourable J.E. Côté on Evaluating Legal Textbooks

06 Sep 2016 2:13 PM | Anonymous

Recently, in a LESA guest blog, the Honourable J.E. Côté, wrote about why lawyers still need textbooks and what to look for in order to determine which texts are suitable.   He makes the following comments, which I firmly agree with:

1.         we still need textbooks as 70% of legal textbooks are not available online anywhere

2.         the most common error lawyers (and students) make when they research law is to plunge immediately into finding case law or legislation.  Lawyers, he says, “should start by finding some published discussion of the topic, even if only for general principles and background. Often a textbook will help in many ways”.

3.         a serious law firm needs some legal textbooks.  “A law office without texts is not a firm of lawyers; it is a collection of notaries public”.

Buying the latest editions of all the textbooks on offer is not possible for most firms.  So, how should you choose the most suitable ones?


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