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Education Grant

The Calgary Law Library Group offers an Education Grant to help support the professional development of its members. The grant may be applied towards conferences, seminars, or courses.  The CLLG Education Grant is not open to Student or Honorary Members. The Grant is administered by the CLLG Education Committee selected each year.

The Education Grant

    • The maximum amount available for the Education Grant is $1,000 and may be applied towards conferences, seminars, or courses
    • In any given year, the committee may reserve the right to withhold the award or to dispense a partial or full award

Criteria for Selection of Candidate

    • The candidate must be a member of the Calgary Law Library Group in good standing at least six months at the time of application
    • The candidate must be an Active or Affiliate Member (not a Student or Honorary Member)
    • The candidate should have contributed actively to the Calgary Law Library Group, such as serving on the Executive Committee or planning a seminar (registration for sessions will not be considered as active participation)
    • The successful candidate must submit to the Education Grant Committee a summary report on the educational opportunity attended in Word format within 60 days of the completion of the conference, seminar, or course to be posted on the CLLG News Blog and saved in the CLLG Dropbox account
    • The conference or seminar attended by the candidate should relate directly to the candidate’s function within their present work environment and provide professional development

Apply for the Education Grant here.  Deadline for applications is February 11, 2019.

Questions regarding the CLLG Education Grant may be directed to the Education Grant Committee.

Shelagh Mikulak Library Leadership Award

March 6, 1953 – July 14, 2013

The Shelagh Mikulak Library Leadership Award (SMLLA) was established by the CLLG to honour the contributions and dedication Shelagh has shown to the CLLG and the profession as a whole.  Shelagh was a long-standing member of CLLG, serving on the Executive and providing leadership, support, and guidance to individuals throughout the law library field.

This award is an honour bestowed upon a current member of CLLG who has shown leadership and outstanding service to the law library profession in the recent past.  The specific contributions may reflect those qualities shown by Shelagh over the years:

    • Advocacy for librarians and the library community as a whole
    • Innovation
    • Demonstration of respect and integrity
    • Involvement with staff and team-building
    • Leadership in the profession through active involvement in the library community
    • Commitment to continuous learning

CLLG members are encouraged to nominate fellow CLLG members whom they feel are deserving of this honour.  Nominees’ names must be submitted to the Shelagh Mikulak Library Leadership Award Committee. The name of the nominated person must be accompanied by signed letters of at least two (2) CLLG members in support of the nominee.  The submission must include documentation supporting the accomplishments and achievements of the nominee along with the rationale and justification for the nomination.  Submission in electronic format is acceptable, so long as there is either an electronic signature on the documents and/or the submission is linked to the individual’s business e-mail address.

In reviewing the nominations, the Committee will consider the submission in relation to the impact the nominee has had on the organization and/or the value of the nominee’s contribution to the law library profession as a whole.

The recipient will receive a $500.00 award along with an engraved memento which will be presented at the CLLG Annual General Meeting.  The award will remain at $500 if the economic situation of the CLLG allows. This amount may be subject to change without prior notice.

If in a given year no award is presented, the Committee may exercise its discretion and present two awards in the following year.

Past Recipients of the SMLLA:

(2018) Nadine Hoffman, Librarian, Bennett Jones Law Library (University of Calgary)

(2017) Annamarie Bergen, Legal Information Specialist, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt 

(2016) No award presented

(2015) Elda Figueira, Librarian, City of Calgary Law Department

(2014) Lana Barrett, Norton Rose Fullbright Canada LLP

(2013) Phyllis Thornton, Librarian, McCarthy T├ętrault

(2012) Judy Harvie, Librarian, Norton Rose

Shelagh Neary Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences

The Shelagh Neary Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences was created by Shelagh’s family, with additional financial contributions from her friends and colleagues, to recognize the significant achievements in her remarkable career and her incredible ability to encourage and mentor young librarians. The scholarship is available to any person passionate about pursuing a career in library and information sciences and who is enrolled in a post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree program in the field. Financial need is given strong consideration. Currently there are two scholarships awarded annually in the $1,500 - $2,000 range each.

For more information and to apply, visit the Calgary Foundation's Student Awards page.

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